Increasing the productivity in your workplace.

  • January 6 2023

An organisation can recruit the smartest, most highly skilled people in the country and still not be able to deliver the quality of a competing firm. More often than not, this is because of the lack of employee welfare in the workplace, you must be familiar with the phrase, “A happy worker is a productive worker.”  This stands true across all industries. Now, this doesn’t have to mean an increase in wages.

Studies show that a positive working environment has a far greater impact on an employee’s attendance than increased salary. This means that while increased pay might mean a greater inclination for the employee to attend work, it is a positive work environment that makes them want to come to work off their own accord. A recent analysis of various studies done by the Harvard Business Review showed an average of 31 percent more productivity and 37 percent higher sales when employees are happy or satisfied.

At id8 media solutions, a few ways in which we try and improve welfare are :
  • By encouraging telecommuting. Employees are permitted to work from home a few days of the month. This allows for reduced time in commute. Not only that, it lets them escape the monotony of having to come into the same office every day and offers the freedom to work from a location of their choice. We are a creative agency, if working from home means better output, we are willing to trust that our team will produce that.
  • This might not be an option for all organisations but we try and provide altered work hours. This is to create work-life balance. Reduced working hours on certain days of the week allows our employees to pursue activities of their choice without having to sacrifice attendance at work. This way, they won’t associate negative connotations with their workplace and will look forward to working.
  • Respect. While this seems most obvious, firms forget to sometimes treat their employees with their due respect. People will be willing to treat their work seriously if they are taken seriously. Overall, this creates a more positive workspace.
  • Communication. Another seemingly obvious measure that is often missed. It is very important to have team meetings, casual check-ups and conversations with your workforce. This gives them an opportunity to voice opinions or concerns if any, that they may not have otherwise. Not only this, the type of communication is important. We use constructive criticism or well-reasoned opinions while talking about each other’s work and include positive reinforcements when due.

the id8 media solutions team is family. We are always working towards providing them a happy, helpful and satisfactory workplace.