About us.

We ideate

Simply communicating is never enough. The communication needs to reach the relevant audience. It needs to be something that the audience will care about. Communication needs to be consistent without feeling repetitive.

Communication needs to be Integrated.

id8 media solutions Global is an integrated marketing communications consulting firm. We have a local and offshore skilled team of Content, design, website development, performance marketing, social media and public relations experts. Together we integrate the multi disciplines of marketing to strategise, create and execute award winning campaigns leading to an increase in your sales funnel and high levels of brand awareness amongst your target audience.

We have a deep rooted understanding of how to create unique experiences for brands, products and individuals to differentiate themselves in a cluttered marketplace through the tool of focused and effective integrated marketing communications.

At id8, we believe in analytical and emotional intelligence. We derive experts from within our ecosystem to plan and execute successful long and short term communication and marketing activities across offline and online. Our team is motivated, goal oriented and innovative, having a decade plus of experience in different segments of industry.

Our strategies are based on the underlying factor that cost and return on investment are the key results that we need to deliver to our partners. We work with your North Star Metric!

We think globally  and act locally!  And throughout this evolution, our fascination with innovating new ways to deliver targeted, immersive experiences remains our driving force.

Our expertise ranges from industries like Retail, F&B, Real Estate, Beauty, Art and customers both B2B and B2C. Your Customer is at the heart of our business!

Our team of experts are constantly in touch with the pulse of the market, the customer and most importantly, your competition.

One of the key elements within all account management processes is to provide detailed market research analysis inclusive of current market standing, industry norm evaluation, SWOT analysis, and trend forecasting within the defined vertical. An assessment of these parameters provides a clear understanding of the corporate roadmap required to encourage brand visibility and awareness as well as provide sustainable development in the brand’s market relationship building. 

Our process is structured, with research and benchmarking forming the starting point of our journey with you.

Our Integrated marketing team comprises experts in their own fields, bringing with them a diverse, solid, and experienced analysis that comes together to create a winning strategy for you.

There is opportunity in diversity!

Diversity at id8 media solutions is celebrated in our team and our clients. We have a whole load of experience working across industry sectors as well as categories of brands.

We have successfully partnered with startups and watched them grow to a funding stage and beyond. We have been the agency of choice for large multinationals looking for the right agency partner to support them in their marketing planning and execution. We have worked with professionals and helped them strengthen their marketing funnel for their individual businesses.

Whatever the requirement, we pick from our team of experts and build the team around you and what works best to achieve your goals.

The id8 Approach

Individuality and authenticity are key factors. id8 champions the unique aspects of your brand, ensuring it stands out in a sea of clones.

Brands aren’t built in a day

Thorough research and brainstorming come first, and implementation and establishment come later. Our process studies where the very core of your brand stands, both locally and globally.