A third of all potential clients start their search for an attorney online

With 1.3 million law professionals in the US alone, competition in the legal field is at an all-time high. As fresh new talent enters the law fraternity every year, what differentiates a firm or law professional from the competition is a strong marketing strategy. Online marketing is an area that’s gaining ground, and for good reason. A recent study pointed out that almost a third of all potential clients start their search for an attorney online. As a firm or an individual practitioner, if you don’t invest in a sound online marketing strategy, you are immediately losing out on 33% of your potential customer base.

In the digital era, it is imperative for the healthcare industry to invest in digital marketing. Traditional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete as a result of the growth of the internet and a brick-and-mortar healthcare service alone is no longer enough for your potential patients to find you. It’s vital for healthcare providers to showcase their expertise, position themselves online as an accurate source of information and be easily findable in organic searches to remain competitive.

Our team of Marketing experts will drive in maximum ROI for your marketing dollars

The digital field is complex to navigate and it can be tough for lawyers to know where to start, with different tools and tactics such as website optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid digital ads. To optimize your marketing efforts it’s essential to hire a team of experienced marketing consultants that will help you navigate this space effectively to establish you online as an expert legal practitioner.

At our firm, our team of seasoned digital marketing strategists is adept at designing an integrated online marketing plan for you that helps you stay ahead of the competition, identifies and targets your key audience and converts leads to business, giving you the largest share of voice in the market. 

Services we offer

Maximize organic traffic to your website

Studies show that 96% of internet users will choose from results that show up on the first page of a Google search, and only 3% click to the next page. The right SEO strategy helps you optimize your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings and places your website on the first page of a google search, thus boosting your chances of generating leads.

Our digital marketing firm develops an effective SEO plan by optimizing your website through high-quality content, relevant keywords, and creating backlinks from high-performing websites to your website. Our Local SEO marketing strategy targets clients in your geographically location by obtaining backlinks from local websites.

Advertising Campaigns to optimize your sales funnel

At our digital marketing consultancy we design pay-per-click and advertising campaigns that target keywords that are relevant to your practice areas. We help you develop Google Ads and PPC campaigns as per your budget, schedule and time your Ad to run when your target audience is online, tailor it to target demographics like age, income, or marital status and limit your ad’s reach to a discreet geographic area if needed.

Social Media engagement to tap potential clients

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enjoy  billions of active users so a strong social media presence is at the heart of establishing your firm’s online brand image. At our digital marketing firm, we create strong and engaging social media profiles along with comprehensive details like lawyer biographies, personal achievements, awards, your firm’s values, expertise and approach.

We ensure that your social media profile boosts organic traffic to your website and helps in building your firm’s business through lead conversions.

Maintaining a positive online reputation to earn credibility and trust

With people researching online before buying any product or service, legal services are no different. Positive reviews and overall high ratings on search engines like Google and platforms like Facebook play the crucial differentiator between your business and that of your competition. At our digital marketing firm, we help you maintain a strong and positive online image through an active social media presence, profile listings on reputable business directories and portals as Google Reviews and Wikipedia. We reply to reviews and neutralize any confusing or defamatory opinions that appear in search results. As a law firm your success is highly dependent on what appears on the internet, and our team is focused on

A great website design to clearly communicate services and create  lasting impression

Our online advertising agency specializes in designing websites where your potential clients will find information about you, your credentials, achievements, and the type of services you offer. We design websites with a visually engaging and interactive UI/UX interface that is both appealing and easy to navigate. Our websites are SEO optimized through informative blog posts that also showcase your expertise to your clients. Our Google Analytics team helps you track your website’s organic web traffic, conversions from organic searches, and referral traffic.

Differentiate your brand from your competition in a crowded marketplace

Legal branding is much more than business cards, law firm logos, pamphlets and color schemes. Although these visual elements are important aspects of your brand identity, the right branding must communicate your values, your unique selling points, your story and why your audience should choose you over the others in a cluttered space. An effective branding strategy should help you resonate with your potential clients and compel them to choose you instead of your competitors. 55% more of your potential clients are likely to choose you if your branding resonates with them. As the personality and perception of your business , the right branding drives is absolutely crucial and the core of your marketing plan.

Prove your expertise in your legal field through high-quality content

As the legal industry sells its expertise on legal matters, the right content marketing strategy can help your firm gain credibility and prove its expertise by producing high-quality and useful content. Sharing the right content on different channels will help your law firm assert itself as an experienced firm to your potential audience. At our digital marketing agency, we help you create a strong content marketing plan which includes blog posts where you can expand on your area of expertise, case studies to showcase the work you have done and your impact as a firm, and social media posts to maintain a brand presence and widen your network of colleagues and clients. Further, adding SEO optimized content will generate traffic to your website and help you in lead conversions.

If you are a law firm or attorney looking for an effective and proven digital marketing roadmap to boost your business, contact us today to discuss our digital marketing services for law firms. We’ll explore strategies to help you improve your online presence and get you the leads you deserve for your law firm.