How To Be Effective In Your Communication During Work From Home.

  • January 6 2023

How To Be Effective In Your Communication During Work From Home

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has seen a vast change in way of life in the last couple of weeks. We’ve been under quarantine and have been heavily practicing social distancing – and with that, our movement outside of our homes has been restricted to ensure safety and curb the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in many companies adopting a Work from home policy.

While working in the same space, face-to-face is an established and accomplished method of communication, working from home can pose as a challenge if all employees are not working in tandem. Therefore, the key to success during work from home is effective communication. Here are some tips to establish and maintain communication while we work from home during this difficult time


  •  Define goals: As employees and managers, it is important to define the expectations of and be on the same page. Eg. what the daily deliverables are, what is the time to log in and log off, how to communicate with another (via email or calls or any specific tool), to ensure a smooth functioning and less confusion.
  •  Set a schedule: It is essential to set a schedule and stick to it during work from home. Establish a specific time to sit to work everyday, sit at a desk rather than your bed, change out of your home clothes and wear a fresh set of clothes – all of this is beneficial to make you feel motivated. Similarly, if your work permits, sign off at a specific time as well.
  •  Define tools for communication: It would only be beneficial for all employees to be using the same softwares for communication – be it in video-conferencing or instant messaging. A well set tech setup will enable all employees to rely on one software for communication, leading to less confusion and a more productive use of time.
  •  Have regular discussions and encourage feedback: By having discussions and regular discussions, all employees can gain more clarity, that minimises opportunities for error.
  •  Be Proactive: the key is to work together and not in silos. By actively keeping team members involved with ongoing discussions, updates and any relevant information helps them prepare, plan and prioritise in advance. This not only increases productivity but also allows employees to skillfully plan their day, set goals and ensure all deliverables are met.
  •  Minimise interruptions: Working from home is vastly different from working in an office space. The responsibilities of running a household are often shared amongst family members, but it is critical to plan household chores in a way that it doesn’t interfere with the time allotted for work.

Communicating effectively with remote employees can be challenging, however with the right attitude and by thinking smartly, one can achieve the same successes as you would if you were working in an office space, provided the communication is effective and crystal clear, thereby minimising room for error, instead having constructive days ahead.