Creative Thinking.

In a world of information overload, it is challenging to carve a niche for your brand’s voice. Brand capabilities can remain untapped if brand preference is not established. Advertising your brand, to the relevant customer at the correct time was a recipe for success. However, in the times of advanced competition and ever-growing media outlets, just an advertisement is not enough. To cap it all, innovative content consumption is at an all-time high. There is an insatiable need of creative content that manages to grab one’s attention and has great recall value.Our teams at id8 comprehend the nebulous market, brainstorm and accelerate the small ideas to create a compelling brand story that remains memorable for a lifetime. These innovative, small ideas are elevated to a suitable medium in a format that will transcend past the marketing chaos and hit the relevant public.

We believe content is no longer restricted to words, it encompasses magazine articles, blogs, videos, creative posters, social media creatives along with original GIFs. Our brand associates push this authentic content that is seasoned with market expertise and which translates well to its target segment. Establishing a successful brand identity completely rides on the creative content and the channel it enters the market. The statement ‘Content is King’ is revered at id8 and it’s the primary reason we successfully develop the ROI on your brand.
As a leading creative advertising agency in Mumbai, we provide end to end creative solutions to our clients starting from brand identity, logo and brochure design to packaging and photography styling.

Brand Identity

It is essential that your Brand be identified by people. However, only a dynamic Brand Identity will help your customers identify your brand and relate to it. This is no trivial matter as Brand Identity forges a mental-emotional connection with the customer that can ultimately lead to a purchase. It is crucial to ensure that a Brand’s logo, its design, colour palette, tagline and related motifs are properly translated to its business in a tone that is appealing to the relevant consumers. Simply put, a Brand Identity is the personality of your Brand.

It is imperative to constitute a strong foundation for a brand to be successful. A cohesive approach that incorporates these factors can trail blaze to a Brand Identity that can fetch handsome returns. The process of creating a Brand Identity needs creativity, effort, efficiency and the ability to strike a balance between the brand’s values and its product/service. As a leading brand consulting firm in New York, New Jersey and Manhattan id8 Media Solutions has successfully catapulted brands ahead of the competition by understanding the values of the brand and studying its market and the possible competitors.

Brand Guidelines we follow

Understanding the brand

The most primary step towards success, this includes diving into the depth of the brand, getting to know its foundation and finding out what makes the brand tick.

Developing brand image

This involves growing the brand’s presence by carving a niche in the market. At this stage it is essential to focus on the brand’s qualities and amplify the image based on these.

Brand Colour Palette

The combination of colours, their shade, the texture applied play a big role in the ‘recall factor’. The brand colours need to be relevant to the product/service provided by the brand.

Logo Treatment

Logo is the brand’s basic identity. It needs to evolve as the Brand ages. However, if the logo evolution strays too far from its origin, the brand can fall into an identity crisis.


An ideal font would be the one that depicts the nature and tone of the brand. The font size, spacing and alignment helps polish up your brand image.

Consistent Layout

Consistency is key and it must be imbibed on all fronts including the web layout, brand tone and creative work. Any deviation from it can lead away from a strong brand image.

Social Media Tone

It is imperative to establish social media accounts and post relevant across these channels. Brand tone can be fostered and magnified as social media is a channel of high content consumption for end users.

Do’s and Don’ts

It is crucial to maintain the authenticity of the brand. Excessive effects around the logo, irrelevant content, incorrect brand voice can take away from your Brand.


Packaging can be deemed as the face of the product. It’s the first impression and under no circumstances can it be taken lightly. It needs to register and pique a potential customer’s interest within the first few seconds amongst the hundred other similar products.


Your product may be excellent however, it needs to be picked up by the consumer amongst the competitive products. The product needs to communicate its qualities whilst being alluring. The weight of this responsibility falls solely on the packaging. An attractively designed package, supported by a balanced colour scheme can be definitely eye-catching. Apart from the aforementioned qualities, the packaging must also be functional and provide the necessary information about the product.

We at id8 understand the product, its design demands, and its potential market before proceeding with the product packaging design. The result is a sleek, functional package design that helps the product stand out amongst the competition and eventually boost sales.

Photography & Styling

The visual appeal of any product has the power to engage a potential consumer. We firmly believe this fact and harness the visual appeal for your brand in different ways. Depending on the type of brand, the target audience and the medium of advertisement, we offer product shoots, explainer videos and a commercial ad film which aid in improving brand identity.

Since we are also a leading Advertising Photography Agency, We are mindful of the industry trends that can propel your brand, the aesthetics, and the quality of the final product. We ensure that the brand shines throughout the selected media and forges an emotional connection with the consumer. The end product is an advertising tool where content and the media have blended together to make a lasting impact on the consumer.

UI & UX Design

Graphic Design is a key part in advertising. It is integrated deeply in every facet of your product or service. Right from the logo to the huge billboards, graphic design will have a major role in shaping your brand. A great design can be a conversation starter, which is phenomenal for the brand identity. Apart from that, it can enhance your product, strengthen your foundation, build a customer base and multiply your profit margin. UX Design encompasses any and all interactions between a potential or active customer and a company. user experience refers to the interaction between the user and a product or service.UI is about designing an intuitive experience for the user interested in any product or service.

The gravity of extraordinary UI/UX cannot be denied. It is a matter that must be trusted to the industry experts. id8 Media Solutions has been a prominent authority in web design services. With a rich experience in a plethora of sectors, we at id8 employ different strategies for every brand that help the product stand out amidst the tough competition. As an expert Graphic Design Agency we completely understand the gravity of design elements and user experience.

Print & Outdoor

At present, it may seem like print advertising is dwindling since the world has gone digital and that makes it accessible everywhere. However, print media still has strong roots within the advertising world. A well-designed brochure can give a potential customer a look and feel of your product. In some cases, a front page advert can reach more people rather than a banner floating on a website. Print Media exists to drive your sales numbers and has a great succession rate. Digital Marketing will help you make a splash and reach your targeted markets. However, an amalgamation of Print and Digital will result in a strong brand identity as well as impressive turnover.
With a rich experience as a leading print & communication agency, we understand the implications of an aptly designed brochure or a banner. We keep in mind the brand’s identity and design a print material complete with interesting words that combine seamlessly with relevant graphics that is sure to hit the brief.

Social Media Creative

Clever tweets, cute captions and interesting status on social media websites will take you only so far. A company needs social media creatives that translate to its business activities but also comment on any social situation at times. Social Media allows the brand a certain degree of interaction with the masses. Utilizing this space to market your brand and communicate with potential clients is an opportunity every brand must harness. However, one needs to be careful with Social Media as any faux pas can cause an issue with the brand resulting in a negative brand reputation.
Social media content delivers a significant impact with visuals. Stunning animations and customized designs, interactive GIFs boosts engagement, improve reach and generate leads. Our team devices the correct social media strategy based on the brand, its voice and the market it is targeted towards. The design team packs a punch with different formats of social media creatives according to the client specifications and delivers world class social media creatives that catch the eye and deliver results.

Content Creation

In a world of information overload, it is challenging to carve a niche for your brand’s voice. Brand capabilities can remain untapped if brand preference is not established. Advertising your brand, to the relevant customer at the correct time was a recipe for success. However, in the times of advanced competition and ever-growing media outlets, just an advertisement is not enough. To cap it all, innovative content consumption is at an all-time high. There is an insatiable need of creative content that manages to grab one’s attention and has great recall value.

Films & Videos

Filming an advert or a feature can be a daunting task as there are too many factors to manage. However, with id8 you can simply focus on the creative part of the film, the rest of the technical part is managed by us. We ensure that your project is completed easily, with all your creative prowess without any hitch. We offer assistance at every level of filmmaking. With a team of experts in the field, we offer comprehensive support, right from storyboard to post production. id8 has complete prowess in brand videos, Ad Films, Feature Films, Animation, Documentaries, Reality Shows Music Creation, Corporate Audio Visuals, Television Series and much more.

As one of the most sought after media houses in New York, New Jersey and Manhattan we make production simpler for the client and an absolute delight for the viewer.

  1. AD Films
  2. Feature films
  3. Animation
  4. Documentaries
  1. Reality Shows
  2. Music creation
  3. Corporate audiovisuals
  4. Television Series & much more

Some of our films and video editing work

Our Work

We have partnered and grown brand marketing for some of the most renowned organizations globally and locally, our integrated marketing strategy has brought some amazing results!