Digital Trends For 2022.

  • January 6 2023

Digital Trends For 2022


Traditional methods of marketing – be it TV Advertising, Radio, Newspaper, Outdoor Marketing are becoming obsolete. With the intense use of mobile phones & laptops, unlimited data plans that give access to social media, the rise of ecommerce and Google, internet access in remote regions, digital marketing has become mainstream. Digital marketing is now a primary source of promoting businesses through the internet and has broken barriers & easily penetrated to a large segment of the market.

The amount of time spent on the internet has comparatively changed since the last decade. The introduction of laptops, smartphones, tablets has tremendously risen and with that, so has the usage of social media. All our banking, finance, health, shopping, household needs and any knowledge-based needs are in our smartphones. Ideas are being conveyed with the use of original long-form and short-form content across mediums – be it in the form of images, videos, GIFS, blogs. Digital marketing uses these methods to create strategies that influence consumer behavior.

Marketing technology is dynamic and moves fast and with the help of data, consumer behavior and interests are getting easier to predict. Here is a look at some digital marketing trends you need to keep up with:

Content Marketing

Some term content as the King of Digital Marketing, mainly due to the multiple mediums available for businesses to deliver their content through various mediums – videos, podcasts, images, GIFS, infographics, etc. The focus to create unique, high-quality and shareable content is a deliberate move of businesses to ensure it resonates with consumers. It has a strong impact on Search Engine Optimization, encourages user engagement, increases website traffic and has the potential to generate high leads and sales to a vast degree. In a competitive environment, quality content tells a story & resonates with consumers. 2022 will see a rise in original content, especially in the form of motion content (stop motion videos, GIFS) made for niche audiences that will establish long-lasting relationships between brands and their consumers.

Influencer Marketing

In the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in brands using influencers and that’s likely to grow as the use of internet & social media grows. The internet is a crowded space, therefore instead of indulging in self-promotion, brands invest heavily in influencer marketing campaigns that are specific to their niche. However, there has been a vast shift in the way influencers are approached, due to changes in this evolving marketing tactics. In 2022, the rise of brand collaborations with Micro & Nano Influencers will increase due to the uneconomical approach of macro-influencers, where their high costs do not justify their engagement rates. By collaborating with micro and nano influencers, brands are ensured of a niche audience, relatable content and high engagement. Brands will also opt for long-term partnerships with influencers as opposed to a one-time deal, as it builds trust and creates a link between the brand, influencer & consumer. Since Instagram likes are no longer a parameter to judge how engaging influencer content is, there is going to be a significant rise in live-streaming of influencers interacting with a product/service to gauge its credibility before recommending it to their followers.


Though very much a part of content marketing, video content has absolutely dominated social media in the last few years, becoming a central part of consuming content. An average consumer spends up to 4 hours a day consuming video content, be it YouTube, IGTV, Facebook Watch, Tik Tok and more. The avenues for consumers are endless. – there are multiple avenues for a consumer. Brands no longer have to worry about the costs attached to it, because a 4k, HD video can be shot with a smartphone. As long as it resonates with their audience, they will be able to leverage video and build a relationship and retain them. Research indicates that videos can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, making video a huge factor in brands setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the method to increase the visibility of a brand in search engines, it makes a web page easy to find and easy to categorize with the help of keywords. This helps consumers find businesses particular to the search, as it ranks higher in the Search Engine Results Page, therefore it is naturally a part of any business’ digital marketing strategy. A good search-engine ranking attracts more visitors, thereby also increasing conversion rate & ROI. The trends that are seeing significant growth are:


  • Mobile SEO: Mobile use is an indispensable use in daily life and as the reliance on it keeps increasing, more and more searches are coming from mobile devices. Therefore brands must ensure that all the content on their webpages have responsive designs and are SEO optimized, to increase the visibility of a website.
  • Voice search: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said one-fifth of queries on Google are from voice search, therefore they place a higher emphasis on optimizing voice search. Voice search also has the potential to increase traffic and increase brand awareness as the phone assistant directly source the content from the brand’s website. Brands will be writing content to be informative and match search intent as well as ensuring that the quality of writing is higher than their competitors.
  • Multilingual SEO: Multilingual SEO can optimize content on a website for different languages, so the content becomes searchable in new markets and people in different countries can find brand websites. Brands will focus on catering to multi-ethnic site visitors. Much of the planning efforts will be focused on how to cater to the influx of multiethnic site visitors. Brands will work to deliver quality content in a multilingual SEO strategy, to avoid misinformation, wrongly translated data to avoid negative customer experiences and high bounce rates.

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