An Overview of Enterprise Service.

  • January 6 2023

Digitization is no longer just a tech jargon. It has evolved as an indispensable arm for a successful business. Since it has seeped deeply, a great idea and sharp acumen are not enough to run a business. You need a cohesive strategy that continuously evolves according to the nebulous market and demanding consumers. A service-oriented business needs to transform the way it builds, sells and supports itself. Technology is the facilitator of enterprise service management and any factor that amplifies ROI whilst reducing loss in productivity is immediately adopted.

AI is a huge game changer! In the future, AI will play a dominant role in shaping the way we perceive everything! The ability to pull out categorized, relevant information from the internet will take a few seconds. Primary health diagnosis maybe done by an AI medical agent. An AI legal facilitator will assist your initial legal issues despite your country, language or aspect of the law. AI is poised to primarily disrupt the education and health industries followed by making waves in the automotive & agricultural sectors. Most recently, scientists have successfully uploaded memories on a computer.

Thus, a young generation that is heavy on its emoji usage will now be able to pass on real emotions through the computer or mobile phone! This can lead to dire psychological consequences for the entire generation. The flip side of AI would hit the middleman resulting a drop in creativity and a loss of human factor at workplace. If AI is used to improve and evolve the way we live and be in synergy with our planet, I would say that AI and Robotics would actually be very instrumental in shaping the future!

The use of IT enabled services to improve efficiency, effectiveness, control, and develop insights have been the cornerstone in enterprise service. While that sounds promising, it has been a challenging path to channel this ease at every level. After automating and easing the functions of conglomerates, Enterprise Service has trickled down to the smaller organizations where it faces unique challenges. A cookie-cutter solution that does no value addition will fail in a small organization as it will not be able to solve the complex issues they face.

There needs to be a process in place to ensure a successful enterprise service that leverages talent, delivers result and implements value addition. The following steps can aid a business in developing a refined edge :

  • Lay a strong foundation :
    Understanding the basic need for the solution, its environment along with its structure can lead you on a path to success. Always understand the ‘why’ before you develop a solution.
  • Make a strategic choice :
    A cumbersome process that does no value addition but exists for the sake of automation will fail. Keep the ‘need’ at the crux to succeed.
  • Start small to learn big :
    Always begin in a petri dish. Experiment small, learn from the results and implement your solutions on a cluster before you expand it on a large scale.
  • Insights control your Results :
    Study your implemented solutions under a microscope. A change in factor can have a far-reaching impact that can be beneficial or absolutely detrimental to your business.