Why go for integrated Marketing.

  • August 19 2022

Why Go For Integrated Marketing

The market today is of a very complex and dynamic nature which gives rise to cut-throat competition. With the advancement of technology and digitalization, content creation and product promotion also play a pivotal role in the marketing process. Every business wants to mark its place on the economic maps. For increased shelf life, the ability to strategize up the ladder by creating a uniform marketing strategy is advantageous because it retains customers and wins their trust. Customers have clarity of the product only if marketing techniques are in a structured, uniform manner. Correct brand placement and imaging take place if all the departments of product marketing work in harmony with each other.

 What is an integrated marketing system?

In an integrated marketing system, powerful entities carry out specific functions and work in unison for the enhancement of customer experience. Integrated Marketing Communication mainly consists of amalgamating all branches of marketing to foster familiarity and customer affinity.

Components of the Integrated Marketing System


  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Mobile & Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Events and Experience
  • Direct Marketing


Why does your business need IMC?

Here are four reasons as to why an integrated marketing communication system is a necessity for all types of businesses.
1. Reliability: Retaining loyal customers in the market is the number one factor when it comes to marking your place in the market. You attract more traffic only if your marketing strategy provides reliability in its P.R, Advertising, and other promotional techniques.

2. Superabundant circulation: In the absence of IMC, the various departments of marketing work in isolation and thus fail to deliver the targeted objectives. In an integrated system, all departments work in unity and thus reach a wider range of masses. Influential promotions lead to the super-abundant circulation of the product/service.

3. Attracting traffic from all dimensions (Multi-channel marketing): Omnichannel marketing has been a dominant trend in the market for decades now. But the rise of social media promotion has increased the importance of multi-channel promotions to supply information and create a hospitable atmosphere in the market for your business by targeting all kinds of marketers.

4. Effective B2C communication: In order to make your business flourish, you must be all ears when it comes to Business to customer communication. Your consumers must feel heard. Acknowledging and working upon feedback can refine your performance and help you retain customer loyalty.

5. Optimization of resources: Simply put, fewer resources are wasted if your marketing process is finely structured. Brand development and brand imaging take a stride when all your factors of marketing are channelized in the right direction. IMC provides a more concise and efficient marketing campaign in association with the media and other promotional tools.

At id8, we embrace our clients and cater to their needs with an integrated marketing approach that revolves around satisfactory brand experience. All your business needs can be met under one roof, courtesy our 360-degree structuralism, that has a unified point of contact for all kinds of coordination and communications.
For a business to take off with colours of victory it is important to have a dynamic understanding of the market first. At ID8 Media Solutions Ltd., we help you penetrate the market for effective results, with a research-driven data analytics and ROI-based strategy to meet the Brand Goals and Objectives. Through sales promotions, we improve brand availability and stimulate market demand by providing varied short-term incentives. The Public Relations department of id8 effectively executes personalized strategies to enhance your brand image in the market. The video content marketing and email promotions are fundamental elements in the proportion marketing mix since it employs the optimal allocation of data and produces quality content for marketers. The events and experience department of ID8 handles the company-sponsored activities that have an emphasis on the enhancement of communication of customers with the firm increasing transparency. The objectives are to complement and reinforce the market impact of each method and to employ the market data generated by these effects in product development, pricing distribution, customer service, etc. By working together and not in silos, we deliver a clear and consistent message to the audience.