Top 6 Marketing Tools and Techniques for Holiday Season.

  • August 19 2022




Top 6 Marketing Tools and Techniques for Holiday Season


As Santa to all your Christmas wishes, marketing agencies are preparing to make all your dreams come true, through engagingly attractive marketing campaigns for a blissful holiday season. Although, every year calls for exciting events and parties followed by diving into flavoursome feasts and rekindling with family, friends and acquaintances. However, in many ways this year is different..

Most of us around the world are quarantined, with our family and close one’s or even farther away, and to keep up with the safety issues companies are ensuring to follow the regulations and safety standards whilst not hampering the festive vibe.

From introducing newest forms of innovation in products or services to advertising and upkeeping with logistics for delivering at our door steps in such uncompromising times has been a consistent display of perseverance and adaptability to ensure customer retention and acquisition.

In terms of adaptability, technology has solely managed and sustained businesses throughout the pandemic. Thus, as much as tech-savvy the customer is, so is the marketer today. 

Let’s look at some of the holiday season tips marketers abide by for flourishing their businesses while making the holiday rush work for them-

Gift Guides, Coupons and more

While exploring through websites, people come across a lot of options for gifting purposes, ultimately leading them to a situation full of dilemmas. Thus, providing people with gift guides for their friends, relatives, family aids in making the right choice and eventually increases the sales as well. Gift coupons and vouchers for festive seasons are another great way for celebrating a joyful holiday season as one gets to choose their own gift or utilize the voucher as and when they desire.

Robust Email Marketing
Social media Festive Campaigns

Times when a marketing guru unleashes their creativity is campaign strategizing. Campaigns have observed and gained a wider audience along the digital platforms, thus social media comes to the rescue in such cases. Social media applications such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest have audience belonging to different demographics and psychographics variations such as age, gender, occupation, interests and so much more which offers multi campaign strategizing opportunities in different content forms such as long form, short form, videos, infographics, gifs. Participation in competitions, quizzes and other engaging innovative ideas are introduced by brands during festivals to increase their following and eventually sales as well.

Holiday Web Design

Brands are not only decorating their brick and mortar platforms, but online platforms as well such as ecommerce websites, mobile apps and much more. It is the most exciting yet engaging way to keep customers motivated in holiday spirit to visit online or offline as per their preference to shop. Utilizing newest and attractive products and services, discount offers, seasonal events and so much more on displaying banners outside shopping complexes or online platforms, is everything at your disposal to make your holiday season as blissful as every year.

Invest in Paid Ads across Social Media and Search Engines

Investing in paid social media Ads across Facebook, Instagram and search engines is the most common way to level up against your competitors. As you are cooperating and competing with other brand’s campaigns across organic content on websites and other owned platforms such as social media, don’t forget to strategize your Ad campaigns in a similar yet effective manner. Retargeting ads, lead generation ads, educational ads and much more are different ways of strategizing for tapping into different demographics and psychographics. Using the right keywords, CTAs, caption and creative copy for ad posts is crucial for effective and comprehensible engagement.

Influencers, Celebrities, Bloggers

The only way a humane approach is incorporated to a product or service is not through packaging or pricing but the celebrity or influencer attached to the brand. Why does the festive season invite such brand endorsements? Earlier and till date Television Ads by brands in varied industries have continued to display their touch and emotion through popular celebrities or interested professionals in the field such as influencers to build brand awareness and resonance. However, this has leveled up a notch to social media platforms. Promoting influencer, micro blogger and user generated content has helped in building engagement and trust in the minds of the audience on a broader yet global level, offering an opportunity to educate, inform and entice consumers in the longer run.