Keeping Your Immunity High To Maximise Output.

  • August 19 2022

Here’s the A to Z on building your immunity – we all know how important this is – and if not – you know now!

  • Antioxidants : Avocados, Blueberries, Dark chocolate, Kale, Beans, Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Spinach
  • Vitamin C rich foods : Citrus Fruits, Lemon, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, Papaya
  • Vitamin E rich foods : Pistachios,, Almonds, Peanuts, Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Zinc rich foods : Red Meat (in limited quantities), Chickpeas, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews, Almonds
  • Protein-rich foods : Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Whole grains, Dals
  • Alkaline-rich : Green leafy vegetables, Cauliflower, Lemon, Citrus fruits, sea salt, Onion, Garlic, Ginger

Additionally, caffeine in coffee promotes the body’s natural production of dopamine, a mood-boosting chemical. Blueberries are also linked to enhancing cognitive function. Strawberries, Avocados, Spinach help with memory retention and overall brain function. Omega 3 fatty acids found in Soybean, Flax Seeds, Walnuts, Chia, Mackerels, Salmon, and other white fish improve memory and mental performance.

Other things one can do is to eliminate sugar, as it weakens the immune system. Incorporating exercise or some form of physical activity also ensures a happy mind. At difficult times like this – keeping our health should be our utmost priority, to stay safe, fight the virus so we can band together to feel good and have productive work days during the time of quarantine and social distancing.

The economical impact COVID-19 has been significant and cannot be ignored. With over 500,000 active cases worldwide, the virus has rendered many businesses to adopt a work from home policy, as social distancing and quarantine became the norm. While people across the world work remotely to help their companies see success at trying times like this, one of the key methods to success is keeping immunity high in order to be productive. It is simple – when you eat healthy and feel good, your mind and body is nourished with nutrients that build and maintain a strong immune system, that can further help fight any viruses. A healthy balance of Vitamin C and E, zinc, protein and antioxidants are a must-include, along with eating alkaline rich foods in the daily diet to attain a balanced pH level, (the amount of oxygen your blood can absorb after food is digested) which can be achieved by including alkaline foods the daily diet. Here are some nutrient-rich foods to eat during this quarantine period.