Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communication.

  • August 19 2022

The main aim of a brand is to reach out to its end users. Over the years, the trends in consumer behaviour have been making drastic changes. Brands cannot depend on one single tool of marketing to communicate the brand’s message to the target group & generate traffic. Promoting your product across various social channels is essential to spread the brand awareness & increase the visibility. It helps in retaining your old customers & attracting new potential over the period of time & ultimately generates revenue for your organization. In today’s competitive market, it is inevitable to analyse the functionality of your product and carefully context a strong communication strategy that targets your potential audience across various online & offline channels to bring out the full potential of your brand. Integrated Marketing Communications is a reliable marketing plan that guarantees to blanket your target demographics & boosts your company’s profit margins while reducing the costs.

So you have a brand and have been always wondering how and why an Integrated Marketing plan can improve your brand’s functionality?

Read further to know more about the benefits it brings to your business.

What is Integrated Marketing Communication?

Integrated Marketing Communication is a holistic strategy that integrates a variety of marketing tools in order to optimize the cost & generate better results for your business. It unifies a variety of communication tools e.g., creative advertising, public relations, social media marketing, sales promotions etc. and harnesses the best out of all the communication tools. Unlike the traditional marketing approach where a brand uses multiple agencies for various campaigns, Integrated marketing is a concept where one single agency unifies all the marketing activities and reinforces all the campaigns with integrated efforts and boosts the effectiveness of a brand. In an integrated marketing communication strategy, all the marketing activities are implemented in a sync e.g., the website development team develops a user friendly & responsive website as a landing platform, the print advertising tool raises awareness of your product while the social media team promotes it online,

the content team features articles to provide the necessary knowledge & education about the product and the public relations team launches press releases & contexts top of the range campaigns to boost the visibility. Further ahead, the marketing team generates leads & fixes appointments for the sales team & the sales team works on converting the prospects into the customers from the inquiries generated. When all the strategies combined & implemented by one specialist agency, the cost is minimised while the results keep maximising. All the different tools used in this strategy exhale similar creativity & ensure consistency in marketing. When consumers consistently come across similar messages, themes, headlines & articles across various platforms, it creates a strong impact on them and triggers curiosity about your product. Integrated marketing ensures a standard theme and a staggering synchronicity which increases the number of times a prospect hears or reads about the same brand message.

Take a quick look at a few out of many benefits of Integrated Marketing Communication:

  • Flexibility: Nowadays, customers prefer receiving information through a platform of their choice & convenience. A holistic communication firm comes with all the resources & thus you can provide your customers with information in the format that they prefer e.g., via email, text message, direct mail, telephone.
  • Consistency: An integrated campaign ensures a standard message is sent to various online & offline channels which stabilises the brand’s consistency. It combines the online & offline realm and delivers the best output collectively.
  • Cost reduction:When you team up with a single specialist integrated marketing agency for all your marketing requisites, it optimizes the activities while reducing the costs. Similar content & same images can be adapted for different social platforms which reduce the costs of copywriting, photography & designing.
  • Customer Retention: When all the marketing efforts go hand in hand, it cements a strong bond of loyalty & trust with customers. It gives you a competitive edge of retaining customers against the onslaught of your competitors.
  • Brand image: Effectively built & carefully linked brand messages have a better chance of cutting through the clutter and reaching out to your customers. Crystal clear brand messages focus on building brand image. It develops a reliability factor for your customers and gradually helps to take them through the buying process, which creates a strong brand image.
  • Saves time: Once you team up with an agency who provides integrated marketing communications, they become well aware of your tastes and preferences. It eliminates the requirement of briefing each time & meetings for strategic planning. It reduces workload, stress and mainly saves your time.

Integrated marketing communication plan is a simple & effective concept that ensures all your brand messages & marketing efforts are carefully linked together & work in harmony rather than in isolation, to create the best output. In order to achieve the full potential & optimum results for your brand, considering teaming up with a specialist integrated marketing company for your brand.