8 Productivity Tips While You Work From Home.

  • August 19 2022

8 Productivity Tips While You Work From Home

In an office environment, it is easy to keep our attention only to the tasks at hand and avoid disruptions to be productive. Amidst a global pandemic, the majority of the workforce has adopted a work from home policy. To maintain the same levels of productivity at home, it is important to reduce distractions to maintain a similar work environment. Here are some tips to maintain a productive workplace at home.

1) Act as though you are going for work
An essential piece missing in our routine is… actually going to the office. In order to replicate a similar level of productivity, do all the things you would normally do, if you were going to the office – wake up at a certain time, shower, change out of your pyjamas, get your cup of coffee or tea and sit to work. By doing this, you’re convincing yourself to move out of your comfort zone i.e your bed and sit to work

2) Create a workspace
We have designated places in the office where we work daily, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have the same at home. Create a workspace or a corner at home; it could be where ever you feel comfortable, preferably a desk and chair set up to maximise your output

3) Organise your day
One the key things to productivity is to try and replicate the office day at home; create a task list, calendar your meetings, set reminders etc to ensure you are meeting deadlines and staying focused

4) Set an agenda
Instead of spending time figuring out what you’ll be working on, chart out a rough agenda for the day, with each of your tasks. Keep it open to the possibility of change, however an outline of your tasks will give your day enough structure, without you being tempted to change it.

5) Stay Connected
Working from home may make you feel distant or far off from your coworkers, therefore, make regular check-ins, speak to your coworkers over calls or video-conferencing for updates and conversations

6) Set your working hours
At the office, we start and end work at a certain time. However, with work from home, there can be a tendency to start your work day late and end it late. If you effectively decide your working hours in advance, it only helps with the overall structure of your day.

7) Eliminate distractions
Distractions can be a multitude of things at home – it could be social media, texts, phone calls, the news or it could also be any household related activity that could potentially disturb your work. Put your phone on silent, set aside a particular time to browse the news or check social media and try to work on a desk versus a bed. These small steps will help you to not divert your attention while working.

8) Take regular breaks
Despite working from home, it is important to schedule breaks in your agenda too. Yes, schedule. To avoid burnout and fatigue, breaks help tremendously to refocus your attention.
A tried and tested time-management method, known as the Pomodoro method, was developed by Francesco Cirillo involves setting a 25-minute cycle, followed by a 5 minute break. Once you’ve completed 4 cycles, take a longer break for 30 minutes. By working such compact timings, you not only get rid of distractions, but also increases focus in completing a task by providing a sense of urgency.

We’re all in this pandemic together; while we navigate through these uncertain times, it is imperative we acknowledge the trying times however also attempt to adapt the situation as successfully by not losing focus and continuing to do our bit staying safe and following all guidelines by authorities.