• April 29 2022

Marketing digitally has got our creative juices running and to showcase our creative intelligence in the most modern and unique way, digital platforms come handy. In order to stay on the top of their game, from businesses to individuals and celebrities, people are engrossed in staying connected with the frequently updating algorithms, digital breakthroughs and trending content.

Therefore, we are enlisting for you top 5 trends in Digital Marketing for 2021 you can not afford to miss.

1 – Integrated Marketing through relevant digital channels

A variety of social media channels are prevalent on the top of our minds but what caters to our everyday need of infotainment, business and social awareness serves the deed. Thanks to the expansive targeting by these channels with audiences belonging to different psychographics and demographics, digital platforms have transformed into a monetization source for many.

In case you noticed, audiences of all sizes and kinds are shaping themselves into thought leaders on these digital assets to monetize by showcasing their talent, creative thinking, hobbies and interest. According to Forbes, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are emerging as the most favoured for audience engagement through credible, relevant and engaging content.

Thus, choosing the right channel which suits your brand voice, target audience, product and service offering, community engagement and overall business goals should be closely aligned and carefully planned as an effective Social Media strategy. Maintaining a consistent brand tone and voice across one or a group of channels you wish to use is beneficial in the longer run while showcasing your brand as stable, innovative and advanced. Refrain from clutter and rather utilize what enhances your brand identity and awareness.

To provide an example, we used best digital practices that can help ‘Dharana at Shillim’ to gain the satisfactory visibility and potential business. From working on their social media to handling google ads for them, we aptly blended our digital strategy to offer the finest.

2 – Visual and Voice Search 

Visual Search introduced by Google Lens is an image recognition mobile application that uses your camera device and visual technology to identify the object. Other search engines such as Bing and social media applications such as Pinterest offer the same technology as when you see a random object, you click a picture of the same and look up for its details in the search results.

Also voice recognition introduced by Google called Google Assistant, Amazon introduced Alexa and Apple introduced Siri to listen to your voice in the form of queries and respond through relevant search results. 

Isn’t it the best of both worlds? Surely for customers but not very much for businesses, because they need to gear up and align themselves with the pace of transcending technology. Optimizing your digital content, videos, pictures conducting frequent SEO audits as a hygiene measure is highly relevant to rank higher as people type to search, click a random image or talk to their phones to look for you. 


3 – Chatbots

An unmissable traditional marketing strategy turned digital is CHATBOTS! If your business is going online through a website displaying all products, service, contact information, catalogues then there must be and should be somebody to walk you through all of it. Right? 

Chatbots are devised in such a manner that benefits and enhances your overall buyers journey, thus complementing your inbound marketing strategy like none other. Resolving queries, sharing information, navigating through web pages acts as an additive to humanize your brand in the most attractive, engaging and delightful way possible, meanwhile, enhancing your search ranking as well as user experience at large.


4 – Easy to Consume Content

CONTENT IS KING! But why is that so? With digital content consumption being doubled in 2020, media houses are developing innovative ways for audiences to engage and resonate with the offering, however, the delivery of content is changing as per the evolving consumption patterns. 

With the rise and fall of TikTok in the Indian Market, Instagram observed audience shifting interest to short clip videos and introduced a similar concept called Reels to capture audience engagement. Similarly, the Story concept introduced by Snapchat was followed and adopted by Facebook for all its subsidiaries; Instagram and Whatsapp.

This was a raging concern back then and it prevails to be one now!

Video content through Reels and Stories, Audio content through Podcasts and Audible Books, experiential content shared by influencers and celebrities, helpful guides and blogs, encapsulating to deliver a humanistic, valuable and a credible voice are catering to this tech-savvy era. 

You can take an example from one of our clients, Istituto Marangoni, as it is an apt feed that applies easy to consume content.


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