How reels can help you grow your audience on Instagram!.

  • April 29 2022

Covid-19 has changed the way we consume content on digital and social platforms and has altered our choices. There has been a notable change in consumer behavior in terms of the content viewing span. Since the short-form video format (reels) was introduced on Instagram, brands and content creators have found their videos reaching larger audiences resulting in a rise of follower count and higher and deeper engagement.

To get a better understanding of how the video content gains more views, engagement, and reach, let’s deep dive into the topic. There is no debate about whether Reels and IGTV videos have a better effect on the overall Instagram metrics than a static post on the feed.

From SEO to social media, algorithms are what decide the fate of your content and in turn your brand. As the algorithm keeps evolving, we need to constantly upgrade our strategy on each platform.

Instagram for instance is a great example, simply posting with a bunch of hashtags won’t make much of a difference if your content is not informative, engaging, or entertaining. Based on specifics, Instagram prioritizes the content that is most relevant,  pushing it to the top and giving the post and brand more visibility.

Create content with a human element attached to it. Curating content that is relevant to your target audience, sharing reels and IGTV videos on the feed, using trending background music for your videos are a few ways that’ll work out!

Content creators and brands are always competing with each other to produce quality and creative content in their pursuit to stay connected with their audience.

Daily schedules of consumers have been wildly disrupted due to working from home, managing household chores, keeping the kids entertained, and spending quality time with the family. We witnessed “weekend viewing numbers” are higher than weekdays as viewers relied on social media to ease their stress and relax. In other words, social media becomes a GETAWAY for the audience from reality. People find themselves relating to content creators that produce household-friendly, topical and realistic videos with a person communicating rather than a static image with text on the creative or in the caption. Videos make concepts easier to understand and connect to. 

Reels are a medium to educate, entertain and creatively articulate your message in an amusing and engaging manner through the art of storytelling. IGTV videos seem to be on the way out as people are now more engaged with Reel content.

With a higher amount of video content being consumed by the audience, it is crucial for brands to build a rapport with content creators too. At the end of the day, what’s most relevant to your audience is what is going to be liked the most. 

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