“Why Limit Yourself”.

  • March 31 2022

Since 2008, id8 Media Solutions has been innovating the marketing industry with its expertise by implementing an integrated approach. Id8 believes that a brand shouldn’t just market itself and be done with. The brand must be maintained and it’s reputation enhanced. This is why every moving part of the company is linked, making us a one stop solution for any and all needs a brand requires to achieve its marketing goals. Our portfolio of services involve Design and Visual Thinking, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Event Conceptualisation and Production – a 360 degree approach to the marketing channels. Why should a brand limit itself, when it can truly fulfill its potential through an integrated approach?

For years, Id8 has helped global companies establish themselves through some award winning strategies. Brands from Industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, Technology, Education, Media and Publishing, have been propelled to success by our tireless and efficient approach to integrated marketing.

We’ve successfully helped significant personalities and influencers by maintaining Public Relations and helping them navigate the vast space of digital marketing.

As India approaches the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics, we see the country’s premier talent display their athletic prowess and break through all kinds of limits. Athletes like PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, Fouaad Mirza, Bhavani Devi, Sania Mirza and many others are challenging limits of not only the human body but also society’s and mindsets’. Even singers from India are breaking such limits, as seen by our very own Ananya Birla’s song ‘Hindustani Way’.

These are Indians who’ve found success on a global level, humans who ask the question, “Why Limit Yourself?” everyday. 

Id8 has the prowess to take brands and personalities with their roots in India to a global level using our almost 20 years of experience establishing global and local homegrown companies, products, and services.

To reach this goal, we are taking the philosophy of not limiting oneself to heart, as we expand into a global on-ground presence with our New York office.

Id8 understands exactly what a brand needs when targeting a specific audience. We make it a point to conduct due research not only on the brand but the audience itself.

Thus, we are fully equipped to handle your marketing needs when it comes to engaging with a global and local audience. We have long standing relationships with not only brands but personalities. This relationship can be leveraged in a way that the brand can help market the personality or the personality can help market the brand. We believe in collaboration – Id8 has made sure that no brand or personality is ever forced to limit themselves.

Till date, Id8 has serviced 800+ Brands, from Fortune 500, established companies to promising start-ups. We have a footprint in 30+ cities in IndiaSouth East AsiaUAE, and now, with our own office on the East Coast of the USA.

As we head into a new month, Id8 asks you the question, “Why Limit Yourself?”