Setting new heights for field marketing in a branding and marketing company.

  • March 30 2022

Field Marketing? Sounds like one of those old traditional marketing concepts? Isn’t it already out of trend?

We know you have a lot of questions. But we believe Field Marketing is a traditional yet crisp way to modernise our marketing thinking.


Field Marketing is a simple way of marketing your products that involve middlemen in the form of distributors or sales representatives.

When it comes to Field Marketing, our brain automatically gauges that it is quite an old concept that is of no use in 2022. But for us, we think quite differently. The prime reason why this marketing technique works is that it touches several points such as trades, conferences, media conglomerates through direct selling, distribution, retail audits, and guerilla marketing.

Businesses that have grown in the last two decades have simply grown through field marketing. It was almost next to impossible to have any other form of marketing than Field Marketing because modern marketing concepts didn’t even exist at that point. It comes with its benefits because of the potential it has to offer.


Digital Marketing is huge but you know what’s more huge? It is Field Marketing. Well, if we have digital marketing methods, we must not forget the roots of it. Field Marketing is a vast concept that involves the ideation, creation, and selling of a product or service. Many agencies focus on this concept because your business can’t survive without it. No matter if there are out-of-the-world digitalization concepts or even technological advancements, without manpower even these techniques are baseless. So why not do Field Marketing?

As real as it gets, if your business needs the attention of consumers, you need humans to work for that –

  • Field Marketing can be explored potentially using the right research and development team because they can come up with ideas, strategies that suit best for your products.
  • The common myth is that Field Marketing is expensive. Well, we’re here to bust that myth. The expense incurred on your field marketing techniques depends upon the 3 major factors –
    1. Your Marketing Agency
    2. Your Target Audience
    3. Your Involvement
  • Nobody better than a branding consultant can help you sail smoothly through the process of marketing your product and making it less expensive. The job of a consultant is to bring out the ways it can amplify the sales for your brand.
  • It also acts as an aid to social media marketing. Once your target audience recognizes your brand, they’ll have an urge to know more. Here is where they will be checking out all your social media and networking accounts to get more information.
  • Field Marketing does not promise to convert every conversation or selling pitch into sales but it gives the assurance that your brand is recognized by a large audience. It means you also target the untapped market that truly brings the needed conversions in your business in the future.
  • The most useful tactics of field marketing are used in small-scale businesses, startups, and budding companies. The reason is that at the initial stage, you focus more on brand building than sales. So field marketing helps you get the attention that your product deserves. We’ll say that to get the business you want, you must play smart.
  • Transform the way you think about Field Marketing. Explore the old ways, add a modern touch and get the desired outcomes. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to marketing your business, and marketing agencies are the ones who can help you choose the right option that suits your product the best.


At id8 we help you with Field Marketing. As a digital marketing company in new york, we at every stage are ideating new concepts, strategies, and thoughts to get your product marketed at the right stage. Thanks to our R&D team that focuses on your brand wholly so that you don’t have to worry about brand recognition. We provide advice, and suggestions that are surely going to give you tremendous results.