How to write a great Press Release.

  • December 21 2021

As a Public Relations agency that offers event management services, we always some type of product launch event around the corner or an announcement to make. More often than not, a press release is your first source of communication for some very important news that your brand is going to make and this means you need all eyes on it. If your press release can’t make an impact, it’s lost its purpose and failed to deliver the message. Below are a few things to keep in mind while writing a great press release;

  • Basics
    Sometimes, it’s the little things that really count. Does your Press Release use proper punctuation, have proper grammar and use cohesive and clear language? Have you done a spell-check? These aspects of a press release can leave a big impression on the reader.
  • First Paragraph
    The first paragraph is needless to say the most impactful part of the release. It’s the reader’s first impression of the remainder of the release. It should essentially mention everything important pertaining to the topic at hand while keeping it interesting such that the remainder of the article is read. If you want to be considered a creative agency, you need something the reader will be able to notice amongst the clutter.
  • Topical
    Write your body such that it resonates with your target market. Take a look at what people are currently talking about and use those points to make the body of your article topical and relevant such that it keeps the interest of the reader.
  • Skeleton
    Do not forget to keep the skeleton of a press release intact. The contact information of the brand that’s being represented and conveying all the talking points pertaining to the subject. Other aspects can include the dateline, boilerplate, letterhead/logos, etc.

Attached below is an example of a press release we created for one of our clients. It generated a great responses from the readers and effectively communicated the brand’s intentions.