Why id8.

id8 media solutions is a full service brand consulting firm in New Jersey, USA. We have a deep rooted understanding of how to create unique experiences for brands, products and individuals to differentiate themselves in a cluttered marketplace through the tool of focused and effective communication.

Our strategies are based on the underlying factor that cost and Return on investment are the key results that we need to deliver to our partners. At id8, we believe in analytical intelligence and emotional intelligence. We derive experts from within our ecosystem to bring about the best results for a client. Our team is goal oriented and has over a decade of experience in different segments of the economy at large.

We think globally and act locally!

And throughout this evolution, our fascination with innovating new ways to deliver targeted, immersive experiences remains our driving force.

id8 EDGE

There’s no formula for game change.
So for each assignment, we build the right team from our 7 hubs. We add in experts from our ecosystem – the world’s best specialists. Then we shape the project around you.

We work for you, by working with you.
Game change is a product of collaboration. We value the journey, as well as the destination.