We deliver Laundry.

Modern Needs Require Ideated Solutions

We Deliver Laundry, in a sense, is very to the point about what they aim to do – Help reduce the burden that an ever-increasing pile of Laundry creates. However, this aim was staggered by a rudimentary implementation of Digital Marketing.

An ideated and research-backed approach to communication was necessary, especially in a hyper-competitive scenario such as Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery.

Niches within Niches

The advent of Digital Marketing has helped most traditional service-based businesses transition seamlessly into the online space. What worked mostly on neighborhood word of mouth and the occasional flyers is now a robust and integrated communication effort.

We Deliver Laundry and other similar Laundry Services had begun the transition into the Digital Realm, some with a basic website while others with a social media presence. It is important to consider that a time-sensitive industry with daily laundry as a factor must project consistency above everything else. They need to be present before the potential customer even realizes that they need a Laundry Service.

For this industry, specificity is key in customer acquisition. An individual who identifies a service that reliably caters to their need, at their time and in their neighborhood is on the path to becoming a loyal customer.
We identified, researched and benchmarked this industry, understanding the norm and required deviations from it, helping us build the perfect Integrated Approach.

Getting off the Ground.

As with everything online, Digital Marketing proves to be a very accessible method of marketing. However, accessibility does not indicate mastery.

We initially focused on amplifying what We Deliver Laundry already had – The Website and its ongoing campaigns. Our expertise helped us identify that the current implementation was bringing in results in an inefficient manner. This was corrected through better optimizations, helping reduce spending by 50%, while maintaining the same number of orders.

Take Off

Once all current communication had been optimized and made efficient, we focused on improving these communication channels. As mentioned before, consistency goes a long way in projecting reliability. The best way to achieve this was via expanding all the ways We Deliver Laundry reaches out to the audience.

Upgrades in Website and SEO

The existing website for We Deliver Laundry was swiftly upgraded to host Microsites, pages that specifically target localized SEO. Every possible location that the brand services received their own completely original Landing Pages, capturing a searcher no matter where they live.

This ideated approach to Keyword research and analysis, and then utilizing them within meaningful content helped Organic Traffic rise by 150%

A customer becomes loyal when they feel a personal connection with the brand and its communication. We were already halfway there with localized pages, however, what the brand could also benefit from was a presence on Social Media.

We set up this presence by keeping Approachability, Minimalism and Directness at the centre. This allowed us to effectively communicate everything that We Deliver Laundry can do for the audience. Our ideation towards content and design assisted in streamlining the entire process.

We continue ideating and exploring new ways to market a brand in the ever-evolving Digital Space with We Deliver Laundry!