S Raheja.


  1. S. Raheja Realty has been an integral part of India’s real estate landscape over the last six decades. With three generations into the business, our group has truly perfected its craft and developed numerous landmark projects.
  2. Ethics, Experience and Expertise are the pillars that sustain S. Raheja Realty
    Pvt. Ltd.
  3. The Group’s forte has and continues to be luxury residential and commercial
    properties in Mumbai. In recent decades we have also ventured into affordable housing in mini metros and second-tier cities, delivering quality lifestyles.
  4. Though the primary focus of the company is in creating a luxury lifestyle, under S. Raheja Realty’s vision, we also focus on four other verticals: redevelopment, second homes, affordable luxury & corporate development (multiple use of limited spaces). Each of these segments demands its own strategies.


  1. To revamp the existing website with the latest functionality making it responsive on all platforms.
  2. Brand building for the properties under the S Raheja Realty umbrella


  1. Creative Solutions
  2. Website Design and Development


  1. Create a brand within a brand i.e. we created a brand for all the low cost housing properties under the S Raheja Realty umbrella. We came up with the brand name “PURE” since S Raheja is known for clean lines, open spaces, sustainable designs and latest technologies.
  2. We also brought out this feature of clean lines in the introduction of the website where we created a random movement of lines before the actual homepage of the website.


The entire identity for the brand right from its inception was created and conceptualized which includes the following:

– Website Design & Development

– Branding for properties which included:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Brochure Design
  3. Hoarding Designs
  4. On-Site Branding
  5. Advertisements
  6. Pamphlet Designs

– Exhibition Collateral


Owning a home is a dream come true for everyone. Moving into one’s own house is an experience of pure happiness and bliss.

These feelings are reflected in PURE – S Raheja Realty’s foray into affordable luxury homes.

The design and build of PURE homes will feature clean lines, open spaces, sustainable designs and the latest technologies. No corners will be cut, no compromises made while constructing these homes. The
vision for PURE will be ‘Pure perfection born of pure belief.