Jaipur Jewels.

About The Brand

Jaipur Jewels is a name synonymous to ethereal Jadau & Diamond Jewellery. A name that spells enigma and enchantment that is backed by a legacy of over 150 years. They specialise in customised Jadau jewellery, exquisite diamond pieces, semi-precious stones and pearls that are a must in every woman’s trousseau. Their jewellery is carefully created with
intricate karigari work that is down over generations giving their patrons the opulence and design they seek to compliment their style.


  1. Jaipur Jewels was an established brand but were known for being a family jeweller.
    The challenge was to change this perception and position Jaipur Jewels as a high end
    jewelry brand.
  2. This entailed us to devise a strategy to reposition Jaipur Jewels from family jeweler to
    a luxury brand.

Increased Audience Strength

Platform Duration Audience (2014) Audience (2018)
Instagram Aug 2014 – Feb 2018 0 32,000 Followers
Facebook Aug 2014 – Feb 2018 500 Page Likes 1 Lac Page Likes

Results : Facebook

Category Duration Metric
Impressions May 2014 – Nov 2017 8,973,239 people reached
Fans Increase by May 2014 – Nov 2017 31,297.2%
Engagement May 2014 – Nov 2017 254,997 people engaged

Results : Instagram

Category Duration Metric
Fans Increase by Feb 2015 – Nov 2017 100.0%
Engagement Feb 2015 – Nov 2017 56,302 people engaged

Results : Twitter

Category Duration Metric
Impressions Dec 2014 – Nov 2017 192,954
Fans Increase by Dec 2014 – Nov 2017 100.0%
Engagement Dec 2014 – Nov 2017 56,302 people engaged

Annual Highlights


  1. Celebrity Endorsements
  2. Social Media Visual Communication
  3. Amplifying PR Outreach
  4. Amplifying Marketing Activities

Celebrity Endorsement


To establish as



Conceptualised a photoshoot to appeal to the
affluent target audience.


  1. Launched Three Collections
  2. Celebrity Endorsements
  3. Influencer Partnerships
  4. Amplifying PR Outreach
  5. Amplifying Marketing Activities


  1. Launched Rise a New Collection
  2. Sarvrati
  3. Summer Collection
  4. Knuckle Rings Collection

In 2015, we focused on creating
strategic partnerships with luxury
bloggers to reach out to our high
networth audience.

  1. Waluscha De Sousa to endorse the Rise. A New collection to solidify Jaipur
    Jewels is a major luxury jewelry brand.
  2. Collaborated with fashion and lifestyle blogger Anaam C to provide her jewelry for her wedding
  3. Collaborated with luxury lifestyle bloggers love and other bugs and streakhuefall

Changed the design language to appeal to younger audiences through a photoshoot for Rise a new

Launched a store in introducing the Rise A New collection


Amplifying events and exhibitions Pan India (Vishakapatnam, Baroda, Gurgaon, Agra, Delhi, Mumbai,Chennai and Bangalore)

The Ring in the New Year Campaign to introduce knuckle rings was also awarded with the best Social Media Marketing Campaign Award at the 12th Annual GemFields Retail Jeweller India Awards, 2016

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  1. Valentine’s and Women’s Day Campaign
  2. Launching Spring Summer, Myga and Winter
  3. Influencer & Celebrity Partnerships
  4. Delhi Store Launch
  5. Amplifying PR Outreach
  6. Amplifying Marketing Activities

Tapping into relevant and seasonal content to encourage engagement, we created a Valentine’s Day Campaign and Women’s day campaign.

Launching Spring Summer Collection using props that resonate the most with spring.

Collaborated with Bipasha Basu and created custom pieces for her wedding.

Launched the collection ‘Myga’.

Keeping in line with the international trends; in the pre-launch phase, we had behind
the scene content to give our audiences an exclusive sneak peek into the collection

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Collaborated with celebrity Sapna Babi for the launch

To be at the helm of cutting edge social media trends, new age formats were adapted to showcase the collection at the exhibition on social media.

We also collaborated with celebrity Sapna pabbi for the launch.

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Collaborated with the luxury lifestyle bloggers House Of Misu

Luxury is defined by its details, we encouraged the brand to showcase the craftsmanship in creating the collection

Keeping up with the international trends and tapping into the younger high net worth individual, we changed the design language to a more minimal classic one.

To match the sentiments of our bespoke audiences, the winter collection campaign was aesthetically designed to give one the look and feel of Christmas and New Year


  1. Pantone Color of the year – Green
  2. Women’s Day Campaign & Delhi Store Launch
  3. Launching the Capsule Collections – Pirohi, Kanaka
  4. Changing the design language to keep up with the trends in 2017
  5. New Collection Launch – Monsoon & Cursive
  6. Amplifying PR Outreach
  7. Amplifying Marketing Activities

Paying tribute to Women, the campaign #CelebrateHer highlights the characteristics of womens and celebrates every aspect of her being.

Pantone announces the color of the year at the beginning of the year and that generates conversations among audiences.

A campaign around the pantone color of 2017 was created to engage and be a part of the trending conversations in order to increase visibility and engagement.