Influencer Marketing.

Marketing by Testimony

Conceptualization is the key to developing a creative mindset. Creative thinking involves personalization, contextualization, and dynamism. Extracting the values of anything that helps inspire creativity is backed by solid research and data mining. Visualization and imagination are the cornerstones of our 360-degree approach to creative thinking. Thinking out of the box means bringing something unique to the table. As a creative agency, id8 has always been dedicated to the approach of innovation with creative strategies to change marketing perspectives!

Keeping the creative juices flowing Optimized.

Influencer Marketing is a billion-dollar industry for all the right reasons. It’s what pulls so many Content Creators to social media platforms in the first place! Sponsored posts by top influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more are able to capture a broad audience. However, an often-overlooked factor is a harmony that Macro and Micro-Influencers provide…

Directly Connecting with a Target Audience.

Gone are the days of a simple advertisement. Brands today vie for the audience’s attention from within a sea of other entities trying to achieve the same. Consistent, Relevant and ideated branding differentiates your communication from noise.
It establishes a brand as an attention grabber rather than a seeker.

Influencer Marketing with id8

Looking to invite guests to your event; out of your usual sphere? Or do you want to drive audiences to something brand new? 

With the connection to our extensive network and business expertise, we have a set of guest databases ready for anything and everything. We save valuable time and resources by working as an integral team and extending the arm of your business.