Hospitality PR.

What is Hospitality PR?

Hospitality is one of the fast evolving sectors in the world. Hospitality PR is the activity of engaging, connecting and positioning yourself as a go-to resource for all the hospitality related operations. It is an integrated approach to marketing your existence be it travel, food, beverage or any other field of the hospitality spectrum.

Today, market behaviour is in the state of flux – ever changing. In such a cut-throat competition, PR injects creativity in the mundane communications and delivers the desired outcome which makes it a most sought-after component of the marketing mix. It is important that your brand gets that edge to break from the clutter and make a distinct personality to capture the permanent place in consumer’s heart, which is now possible with this upscaling field of marketing and communication – Public Relations (PR).

Why choose us?

Our philosophy and work ethic is based on integrity, dedication and client satisfaction. We are the first PR agency in Mumbai to launch some iconic brands in the country.

Id8 is the home for people from diverse cultures and talents who are backed with the experience of over 15 years in the hospitality of 5 to 7 star restaurants and luxury hotels, be it a standalone or a franchise. Our team at id8 constantly researches and keeps with the predictions and the latest marketing trends which helps raise the bar higher for your brand. To add on, we are ardent food lovers too.