Digital Marketing for Startups.

New Brands are being launched every day and they are trying to keep pace with the competitive market and dynamic consumer behavior. As of 2022 data, the United States was the leading country by the number of startups – 71,153 by a long shot. The second on the list was India, with just 13,125 startups, and the third spot was occupied by the UK, with 6,220 startups. To put matters into perspective, the US had almost three times more startups than the rest of the following 9 countries in the world combined!

Startups usually operate on a shoe-string budget and are crunched for time. Over 69% of startups started as home businesses and 58% of startups had less than $25,000 at their disposal during the startup phase.

Startups need marketing strategies that are able to optimize their efforts and are agile and scalable at the same time, at minimum costs. Digital marketing has the capability to transform products and processes through technology, in a more cost-effective manner. This capability gives them the edge over other marketing channels and is exactly what a startup needs to grow and sustain in this highly competitive market.

Why Digital marketing is crucial for startups

While promoting any business is challenging, startups have challenges that are unique to themselves. A startup that is poised to penetrate the market must optimize marketing efforts within the limited resources available.

As of 2022 data, 85.8% or 313 million Americans are active internet users.  With a massive target audience actively engaged online, digital marketing provides multiple benefits to startups such as reaching out to a large audience and gaining maximum visibility,  clearly identifying key markets, customizing SEO efforts, establishing brand awareness and  building a robust reputation online.

Though digital marketing for startups is a great boon for their business, the digital space is a competitive and crowded space and not having the right expertise can mean losing out on gaining the right share of voice in the market. In a recent survey, CB Insights found that 17 percent of startups failed because they did not market their business correctly.

At our digital marketing agency, our team of brand management experts and digital marketing doyens have immense experience to offer you end to end solutions for proven results. From creative brand management to give your brand a differentiable personality to creating a well-thought out and customized digital marketing roadmap, our team will propel your startup to success by driving back business, at minimum costs.

Services we offer :


If you are a startup on a budget and have serious competition in your target market, SEO can provide you the much-needed edge and maximum leverage. SEO helps startups show up higher in the search engine results page (SERP) which translates into more traffic for your website and increased sales. SEO is free and leads to long-term startup growth and gives you a high ROI on minimum investments. At our leading digital marketing agency, we have over 20 years of experience to cover all the technical touchpoints to help you boost your SEO efforts from researching relevant keywords, to integrating them in textual and visual content on your website. Our SEO services for eCommerce help you boost your eCommerce store’s presence and drive in more orders.

Website development

For startups, creating a website is a challenging proposition as it must not only communicate your services and product USP, but also convey the passion of your brand and your story. A start up website must engage the audience boldly and creatively. Despite tight budgets it’s imperative to invest in a professional looking website, as its forms the face of your business online and creates  lasting impressions on your clientele.

Our team of web designers have a pulse on creating websites that are easy to navigate, visually engaging, have a smart UI/UX interface and are SEO friendly. We work closely with your team and to create a website that suits your vision, expectations, and requirements. We also constantly measure performance through quality feedback and create roadmaps for future iterations.

Creative Brand Management

Good branding is at the heart of any business. Big companies are effective because they know how to present themselves to the right audiences at the right times. The right branding for your startup is a complex effort that involves careful thought and expertise. At our agency, we help you clearly communicate your identity, personality, and develop your overall brand  image by conveying your passion and core values to create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. We take branding seriously as studies have found that companies that connect with their customers on an emotional level enjoy twice as much awareness. Through an integrated approach of logo design, colors, content creation , tone, symbols, packaging , product design and more we help you develop a strong and distinctive brand voice to gain momentum over and stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most important and effective ways to promote your startup business. With 2.85 billion Facebook users, 2.29 billion YouTube users and 1.38 billion Instagram, or 45% of the world’s population using at least one social media channel,  social media marketing is a lethal and valuable weapon in your marketing armory to reach out directly to your potential customers. An effective social media marketing plan can be highly effective in driving growth and profit by boosting brand awareness, helping you forge a relationship with your audience, build your brand image and leverage your brand to millions of potential customers. At our social media agency, we are experienced at creating campaigns tailored for different channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn that will help you generate new leads, drive in website traffic, boost your sales , give you maximum ROI, and drive business to your startup. 

Performance marketing

Performance marketing has become one of the most effective and preferred tools for brand building and driving in business. Startups with a sound advertising strategy have better growth rates, market share, website traffic, and audience engagement with less risk and expense. The advantage of Performance marketing to startups in particular is immense as it enables businesses to collate and analyze real-time data to develop an advertising framework that will target high-quality audiences. As performance advertising allows you to pay only for where the ad translates to the desired result, either through sales or leads, it offers a high ROI that is precisely calculable. At our advertising firm, we develop Ad campaigns to maximize a client reach across various platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc . We offer clear insights into consumer behavior by tracking the click-to-consume path to achieve a better outcome for and maintain a healthy return on ad spend.